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Caleb Baker is a Tacoma based recording engineer and producer who specializes in working for clients who demand great results in a short period of time. For the past decade Caleb has recorded and mixed rock and singer-songwriter projects, hip hop productions, string and horn ensembles, and big band jazz music. Caleb is dedicated to the creative process of collaborating with musicians to enhance the original idea of the material that he’s working on. Regardless of the particularities of your session, you can be certain that Caleb is committed to helping you sound your best.


Client List:

Euphonious Thump, David Davenport, The Far Field, Pitchfork Motorway, Hivemind, Christopher Reyne, Spiricles, Ben Rice, Holy Holy Holy, Chris Hartye, Jonesmore, Richard Arthur, We Ride at Dawn, Candyo, The Magic Beets, Skyhouse, Audio District, Moment of Substance, Michael James Douglas, J KyRei Slaughter, A Killing Dove, Charts, Pheasant, Charlie Darwins, Regi Lafleur, Tenth and Commerce, Cutthroats, Dominique Garcia, Joshua Pearl, Jessica Harlow, The Toy Trains, Bureau of Standards Big Band, Bill Philibin, Fivestar, Will Stenberg, Ian “Buzzsaw” Barnes, Frank Lorenzo, Blood and Thunder, Slag Callahan, Randal Naasz, Keelan Mcphee, Adam Brock, Shoguns, Brian Lutterbie, Secrets in the Salt, The Israelites, Charles Lee Dain Norman, Abi Grace, Kira Michele, Circus Sized Peanuts, Sprism, Monkey Bucket, Nick Osauras, The Lost City, Bob Quinn

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