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Conversion, Recording and Monitoring:

Apogee Symphony 64 Thunderbridge

Apogee AD16X with X-Symphony Card

Apogee DA16X

Logic X

Adam A7 Nearfield Monitors

NOS MCone Monitor Controller 

SM PRO Audio HP6E Headphone Distribution System

Neutrik TRS patchbay

Sony 7506 headphones (X5)


Outboard Preamps and Compressors:

Sebatron VMP4000E

Universal Audio Solo 610 (X2)

Great River MP-2NV

Presonus M80

Radial J48 DI

Little Labs Redeye Passive DI/Reamp 

EL8X Distressor (X2)

DBX 160X (X2)

Stam SA-4000 Buss Compressor


Miktek C5MP Pair

Sennheiser 421 (X4)

Audix D2 (X2)

Audix D6

Electrovoice RE20

Audio Technica 4033a (X2)

Audix I5

Shure SM7B

​Shure SM57 (X4)

Shure SM58 (X2)

ElectroVoice N-D767a

RM-5 Ribbon Mic with Samar R-36 transformer (X2)

Stellar C5 Microphone (X2)

Studio Projects CS5

Heil-PR48 Mic

Studio Instruments:

2003 Fender American Precision Bass

1977 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

1907 Nordheimer Upright Grand Piano

Plush Congress IV Amp (Modded with Twin Reverb, Ampeg B18 and Dumble Overdrive Special circuits)

Extension Cab loaded with EV12L

Extension Cab loaded with JBL E140 

Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set 

Zildjian K Custom 20" Dark Ride

Zildjian A Custom 20" Medium Ride 

Zildjian 14" New Beats Hi-Hats

Zildjian K 16" Dark Thin Crash

Zildjian K 18" Dark Thin Crash

Avedis Zildjian 1960s 16" Crash Cymbal

Meinl Recording-Combo Wood Tambourine

Meinl Luis Conte Double Live Shaker

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